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Important info on Phishing and email safety from EASTCONN Technology Solutions

We are being overwhelmed by the number of phishing emails sent to our EASTCONN email accounts, and we are asking everyone to please be careful and remember to treat any email with links or attachments as suspicious.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to NEVER click a link in an email that you weren’t expecting or are unsure of its authenticity. And more importantly, NEVER enter your credentials into ANY website. Please check with someone in IT or with a colleague if you are unsure. We would much rather have you check with us than enter your username and password and have your account compromised.

Also, the EASTCONN IT department, Human Resources and other departments will NEVER send emails to you asking you to click a link to some strange website and log in with your username and password. These types of emails try to trick you into clicking a link and entering your credentials into a fake website disguised to look legitimate. Once you enter your credentials, your account will be compromised and this puts the entire agency at risk. You should NEVER enter your credentials into any website other than EASTCONN webmail (mail.eastconn.org), ESS (ess.eastconn.org) or the Intranet (intranet.eastconn.org). Again, if you are unsure, please ask.

We’re all busy and we all get a lot of email, but links and attachments in emails is our number one security concern right now, and we all have to be responsible to protect EASTCONN’s network, data, and each other. We ask that you just slow down, LOOK at the message (tips and samples are posted on the welcome page of the Intranet, after you log in) and validate before acting too quickly. Remember, these messages are designed to trick you, so treat EVERY message with links and attachments as suspicious. Just because an email has a link, it doesn’t mean you have to click it!

We are continuously making improvements in security and filtering, but we need your help. We can’t do this alone since we need you to be vigilant and careful with email. Every person with access to email can potentially put us all at risk, so be careful!

Log in to the EASTCONN intranet and read more about how to spot a phishing email and see some real examples. A link to the intranet can be found on the employee page at the bottom of the EASTCONN website.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Technology Solutions team.

Thank you!

Tom Schenking

EASTCONN Technology Services