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Psych & Behavioral Consultation

Ecological/Needs Assessments

  • A comprehensive review of current practices based on interviews, direct observations, and research-based assessment tools, to determine the degree to which students successfully participate in their school environment. Recommendations for next steps at system, program, and/or individual student level are provided with support for implementation as needed.

Comprehensive Psychoeducational and Diagnostic Assessments 

  • Assessment of student’s strengths and challenges to inform service delivery in schools, including special education eligibility determinations and intervention development.
  • Expertise in the area of diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) using direct assessment (ADOS)

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

  • Comprehensive assessment of the frequency, topography, and intensity of problem behaviors impacting student’s ability to access instruction and hypothesis of function maintaining the behavior
  • Use of observational data, record reviews, parent/teacher/student interviews, rating scales, and other measures in order to arrive at an assessment of the function of a student’s behavior
  • Development of recommendations and collaborative construction of behavior intervention plans (BIPs) for students with complex profiles and needs if required.

 Neuropsychological Assessments

  • Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations identify a child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, determine how a child learns best, and outline appropriate and beneficial intervention strategies.
  • Assessments are selected to address specific referral questions and can take place in our Columbia facility or in the child's school district. Results and recommendations are shared with the child's family and with the school team. Additional consultation services are available to facilitate the implementation of recommendations.

For more information please contact:

 Ravit Stein, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA, NCSP
Ravit Stein, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA, NCSPDirector of Psychological and Behavioral Consultation ServicesThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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