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STEM Lab Applications & Forms

STEM Lab Application

Are you ready to bring the Mobile STEM lab to your school?

  1. Select one teacher to help coordinate this experience for your students.
  2. Fill out the Mobile STEM Lab application and send by mail or email to: 
    Kelly Francis
    Kelly Francis
    STEM Education Specialist and Mobile STEM Lab Coordinator
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. After the application is received, we will schedule your teacher’s Mobile STEM Lab orientation and subsequent training. We estimate training will take one day, as we prepare your teacher for the lab program your school has chosen. He/she will work collaboratively with our STEM Lab coordinator to implement the lesson on the Mobile STEM Lab. Orientation and training must take place prior to your first STEM Lab visit.
  4. Once your teacher’s professional learning is complete; we can schedule a day and time to bring the Mobile STEM Lab to your school’s door!


The following forms are available for download at your convenience.

Safety Contract: All students and parents must sign this safety contract before they may participate in any/all Mobile STEM Lab activities.

Photo Release: All students and parents must fill out this photo release form prior to participating in any Mobile STEM Lab activities or events.  

Important Information: All administrators/teachers must read this important information below before scheduling activities with the Mobile STEM Lab.

  • Prior to arranging the EASTCONN’s Mobile STEM Lab visit to your school/site, you must schedule a training session for your teachers
  • A point of contact person must be determined prior to contacting the STEM Lab Coordinator and all contact will funnel through P.O.C
  • It is the teacher(s)’s responsibility to obtain permission from the principal or site director prior to contacting the STEM Lab Coordinator
  • The mobile lab is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide. Before a contract can be agreed upon, there must be confirmation that adequate parking and maneuvering space is available. (Ideal space would be a large open space with flat, hard ground)
  • The lab will arrive at least 60 minutes prior to its scheduled visit/start time. If the schedule allows, the lab can be delivered the evening prior.
  • Teachers must stay with their students, at all times, while in the lab.
  • Proper lab behavior and safety must be discussed with students prior to the lab visit
  • Lab safety sheets can be found in the “STEM Lab Forms” section above
  • Please collect all SIGNED forms prior to the lab’s visit (includes permission slips, photo releases, and safety contracts)