EASTCONN’s LEAP School offers academic coursework designed to meet students’ graduation requirements as they earn an EASTCONN high school diploma. Our program emphasizes authentic skills-building for non-traditional students that will lead to success in their communities. We utilize personal goal-setting in a supportive environment that encourages learners to achieve their full potential. Learners will participate in real-world experiences, community service and paid internships, to reinforce classroom learning.

Read more about LEAP at www.eastconn.org/leap

Benefits: Learners attending The LEAP School will benefit from a personalized learning environment where they will learn to develop and maintain positive social relationships. Learners will achieve academic success and earn the credits required to earn a high school diploma. Additionally, learners will prepare for post-secondary education and careers through development of career readiness skills in the classroom and the community. Students will participate in relevant instruction with an emphasis on how they can be productive participants in their communities and work environments.


For more information about LEAP Alternative High School, please contact:

David Howes
The LEAP School
729 Main Street
Willimantc, CT 06226

Diane Dugas
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247