EASTCONN’s Psychological and Behavioral Consultation Services Department offers (a) appraisal, assessment, and/or program evaluation, (b) consultation and technical assistance, and (c) professional development to teachers, staff, teams and administrators. Comprehensive evaluation and on-site observation are available to districts to assist teachers in selecting the most appropriate instructional or behavioral management strategies for individual children. Our staff will work on-site with schools to provide support and consultative services, and initial diagnosis for children suspected of being on the autism spectrum (ASD) and/or with other developmental disabilities. Student-specific consultation, overall program assessment and staff training are key components of these services. EASTCONN is staffed with licensed psychologists, Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs), school psychologists, special education teachers and behavior interventionists.

Benefits: Psychological and Behavioral Consultation Services (PBCS) is unique in its commitment to a context-relevant, data-driven, continuum-focused approach to supporting our member districts. We build district and building-level capacity to support students across multi-tiered systems of support via ongoing, embedded coaching that is focused on evidence-based practice with high implementation fidelity. Engaging in multi-method responsive consultation that is driven by data and focused on increasing the skills and expertise of school-based teams leads to empowered school-based personnel who are able to overcome the challenges and competing priorities present in schools, in order to achieve measurable, meaningful outcomes.

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Ravit Stein
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