EASTCONN's Birth-to-Three professional staff members will work in coordination with your family when you have concerns about your child's development. If your child is between birth and 3 years of age and is found to have a delay in his/her development, we will provide the coaching and assistance to help your child with his/her developmental goals. Our Developmental Therapists from the fields of Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Services, Occupational Therapy and Special Education will provide the help your family needs in your home or a community setting of your choice.

Benefits: Family members will learn specific interventions to assist their child in meeting developmental goals. Individual family members will strengthen their role as the primary educators of their children and learn how to advocate for them, beyond the Birth-to-Three window.

For more information about Birth-to-Three Program, please contact:

Rebecca Breen
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247