EASTCONN’s occupational therapy practitioners address the needs of students in the areas of fine motor, visual motor integration, visual perception skills, sensory processing, prevocational and life skills. Our experienced occupational therapy staff provide screening, evaluation, direct intervention and consultative services in both therapeutic and classroom settings. Occupational therapy staff work as part of a student’s educational team, providing services from pre-K to young adult transitional services.

Benefits: Our occupational therapists participate in ongoing professional development, ensuring that they are conversant with best practice. They use the latest in testing materials to assess students' needs and monitor progress; participate in a professional community for consultation and collaboration; and have access to EASTCONN’s Assistive Technology Library. They also utilize iPads equipped with a range of apps for use in therapy. Students and teachers benefit from our staff's experience with fine motor, visual-motor and sensory processing. We can help districts meet their full-time or part-time staffing needs.

For more information about Occupational Therapy Services, please contact:

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