EASTCONN offers three different options for adults, 17 years and older, who are seeking a high school credential: preparation for the GED program; the Adult High School Credit Diploma program; and the National External Diploma Program. The current GED diploma test, offered online in both English and Spanish, consists of a timed, four-part test on science, social studies, mathematics and language arts. The Adult High School Credit Diploma option allows students to combine previously earned high school credits with adult education courses, independent study and projects, and documented employment and community service, in order to fulfill state requirements for an EASTCONN adult high school diploma. The National External Diploma Program allows students to earn their diploma by demonstrating mastery of life skills electronically through completion of weekly tasks, development of a portfolio and documentation of work-related skills. Classes are free and in multiple locations. Call for more information.

Beginning January 2014 the new GED test was implemented. Scores from the previous form of the GED are no longer valid.

Benefits: Students can easily identify the high school completion option that best matches their individual needs and learning styles. A high school credential provides greater employment options and an opportunity to earn higher wages. Students are provided counseling and transition as they progress through the program they choose.

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For more information about High School Completion, please contact:

Jeff Martel
EASTCONN Northeast Learning Center
562 Westcott Road
Danielson, CT 06239

Briana Patriarca
EASTCONN Community Learning Center
1320 Main Street
Tyler Square
Willimantic, CT 06226