Clinical, Developmental & Therapeutic Services

Offered at two conveniently located sites across northeastern Connecticut, EASTCONN’s well-respected Clinical Day Treatment Program is designed for K-12 students who need a highly structured, supportive, therapeutic environment in order to achieve academic and behavioral success. The main goal of this program is to help students acquire the academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills necessary to successfully return to their local public schools, or a less restrictive environment. Our dedicated, caring staff offers individualized instruction with a multi-modality approach and high-interest materials. Four core components are at the heart of this program: educational services, clinical support services, vocational services and family involvement.

Benefits: All Clinical Day Treatment students benefit from individualized, high-interest instruction taught by special education teachers with embedded support from psychological and behavior support services, vocational staff and related service personnel. The vocational component for high-school-age students builds on their academic success, while helping them transition successfully to the world of work. EASTCONN is able to offer each Clinical Day Treatment K-12 student access to shared personnel, a continuum of services, pre-vocational/vocational programming, community-based instruction, and an exemplary teaching and learning environment. Also offered is a summer program that helps prevent academic and social-emotional regression through individualized academic instruction.

Clinical Day Treatment Programs

For more information about Clinical, Developmental & Therapeutic Services, please contact:

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