Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Services

The EASTCONN Assistive Technology (AT) Team offers a wide variety of services designed to provide districts with the expertise and support needed to not only match students with disabilities with the appropriate AT tools and services to meet their needs but also to ensure that they are able to effectively use the AT so that they are able to increase, maintain and improve functional capabilities as well as access, participate and progress in the general education curriculum.

Through a continuum of services including consultation, coaching, training, and assessment, we will work with you to meet the needs of an individual student, group of students, program, school or district. Our areas of specialization include alternative access methods, writing, reading, note-taking, organization, executive functioning, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), transition (to employment, postsecondary education and independent living and community participation), and AAC insurance funding requests. We can also assist with the development and revision of district-wide policies and practices related to the AT consideration process, AT Team development, AT program review, and document accessibility. We will assist you in determining the service or combination of services that would best meet your AT needs.


Our AT and AAC specialist will work with a member or members of the team (students, classroom, school, district) to assist when there are concerns with current practices, considering AT, and determine next steps. We will meet with you to address your concerns, develop a plan and provide guidance on additional services needed, when appropriate. Our goal is to use this time to provide a more immediate opportunity to address issues when they arise and to introduce potential solutions.


Our AT and AAC specialist will provide in-depth assistance with the implementation of AT/AAC for a specific student or students by providing modeling, observation and feedback on a monthly basis over the course of several months. On-going needs are reassessed to determine if further coaching would be beneficial. Coaching may be requested as a follow-up to a consultation or assessment or based on existing needs to support the student and team.


Our AT and AAC specialist will deliver instruction on how to use AT/AAC as a follow-up to a consultation or assessment or based on existing needs to support the student, team, school and or district.


Our AT and AAC specialist will provide a comprehensive assessment that includes a review of the student record, consultation with the student’s team, observation of the student, assessment in the natural environment including trials, written report and PPT attendance. Follow-up services are available for an additional cost and include Training, Coaching and Insurance Funding Requests for AAC.

Consortium Packages

Consortium Packages are ideal for those districts that are looking to meet the needs of multiple students, classrooms, schools or district-wide. By selecting a package, our team can begin working with you before the start of the school year, assist with determining needs and develop a plan for the year. Packages offer savings over fee for service, allow for priority scheduling and access to the lending library for device trials, temporary replacement when a student device is being repaired or replaced or for professionals to explore new devices, tools and apps.

For more information, please contact:

Amy T. Norton, M.Ed, ATP, CAPS
Amy T. Norton, M.Ed, ATP, CAPS
Coordinator of Assistive Technology
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