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ACT - Arts at the Capitol Theater Magnet High School

Welcome to ACT!

EASTCONN’s Arts at the Capitol Theater (ACT) is a public, performing arts magnet high school with FREE enrollment for Connecticut students. At ACT, academically motivated students have daily access to unique educational experiences that blend traditional high school academics with the arts.

At ACT, students can select from a broad range of pathways:

  • Acting
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Integrated Arts & Management
  • Media Arts
  • Music
  • Technical Theater (sets, lights, costuming)

What Students Say About ACT...

"ACT is amazing. The staff is so helpful, loving, and caring. They care for their students, understand their students, and will do their best to help their students in any way they can. If I could choose any school I could get in the world I would choose ACT because the school treats us like a family making us all fit in without worrying about any mistakes." B., Grade 9


"I came to ACT for the A/V program. ACT's community is great because the people are not only good at what they do, but they are passionate as well. The opportunity to use all of the equipment at ACT, from the cameras and hardware to the programs and software is something that I haven't been able to access before." Z., Grade 10

What Parents Say About ACT...

"My daughter began her high school experience at ACT earlier this school year after homeschooling for five years. ACT has been very welcoming, supportive and accepting of her as a member of the school community. ACT teachers and staff are very helpful and understanding to individuals with non-traditional learning styles and adapt the work to meet the needs of the student. We have found being a part of ACT very positive and rewarding." Columbia Parent


"I have NEVER encountered a staff of teachers that are as dedicated to the cause of education and arts like the ACT team of professional teachers. For that reason my last child who is eleven is already planning to apply." Plainfield Parent

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