ACT/LEAP/QMC are providing multiple supports to students who have IEP and 504 plans. These include:

  • Untimed assignments with flexible due dates. Students with IEPs will work with their special educator and teacher to determine appropriate flexibilities due dates.
  • All assignments posted in Google Classroom will include accommodations for students with IEPs and 504 plans as identified.
  • Content Support classes, those classes that provide students with additional targeted instruction, will hold Classroom
  • Office Hours as all other classes do. Students can check in with their special educator for support in meeting their goals.
  • Special Educators will identify and provide a schedule for small group work and individual check-ins.
  • Special Educators will work collaboratively with teacher colleagues to review assignments and be prepared to support students.
  • Special Educators are creating learning plans to meet each student's IEP goals.
  • School Counselors will check in