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Social and Civic Expectations

Social Competencies

The Quinebaug Middle College student...

  • Learns from and works collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures and lifestyles in a spirit of respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community contexts.
  • Acts responsibly and contributes to the safety, well-being, and quality of life of the learning community and the world around them.
  • Is expected to attend and actively participate in weekly Town Meetings, which are the basis for the school’s governance. Through Town Meetings, students are invited to voice their opinions, make suggestions for the improvement of school culture, and accept leadership roles in the advancement of all members of the learning community. Participation and leadership in Town Meetings is monitored on a weekly basis.
  • Makes appropriate, responsible health, economic and environmental choices.
  • Uses time and manages workload efficiently, and monitors, prioritizes and completes tasks without direct supervision.
  • Recognizes and demonstrates the principles of mental and physical wellness.

Civic Competencies

The Quinebaug Middle College student...Contributes to civic life by staying informed, knowing and understanding the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship, and participating in the democratic process.

  • Takes an active leadership role in maintaining and improving the governance of our learning community.
  • Helps others in the learning community achieve their goals.

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