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QMC not only encourages great academic achievements, it also inspires social success through club and committee participation. Clubs and committees are a positive addition to resumes, a fantastic way to make a difference in our school and provide a fun environment for students.

All clubs and committees encourage students to communicate with each other in a positive manner. They are formed based on student and teacher interest and may change each year. Committees design plans for school improvement in their specified area of interest. Clubs create close-knit groups of students and give them the opportunity to learn about others’ interests. The following are some examples of QMC clubs and committees, past and present:

The Geekery Club

Our largest club is the “Geekery.” The Geekery is a student-created club formed to discuss topics that are considered “geeky,” such as Magic Cards, gaming, comic books, Pokemon, Star Trek, sci-fi movies, and more. They meet every Wednesday from 2-5 p.m. to play strategy games and take a yearly field trip to Comic-con.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee investigates how our school utilizes democracy in Town Meetings and classrooms. Members of the committee work to empower the student body to be pro-active in the school’s democratic process. The ethics committee passed a motion that led to some advisory groups researching different styles of democracy and conducting workshops to see what works best for students.

Governance/Climate Committee

Once a month, a group of staff, parents and students meet to discuss school climate and safety. Anyone is welcome to join these meetings and share ideas. The committee has been able to accomplish quite a few things, such as professional development for teachers focused on school safety, including making sure teachers receive more frequent training in lock-down drill procedures.


Other clubs include: Leadership Committee, Billards Club, Library Media Committee, Yearbook Committee, Dance Club, Baking Club, and Gay-Straight Alliance(GSA).

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