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QMC Students? 

QMC students desire a small, nurturing learning community that values the unique traits of individual students. They are empowered to make decisions about their own education and choose to participate fully in a democratic learning community. They believe in service to others, both locally and globally; want access to college classes as part of their high school program, and take advantage of that access as soon as they are ready.

On satisfaction surveys, QMC students report that they are most surprised by their own academic success and increased commitment to learning while at QMC. They attribute this growth to the work of their caring teachers and the school’s motivating environment. During their time at QMC, most students show:

  • Increased achievement in QMC courses; 
  • High enrollment and success in Quinebaug Valley Community College (QVCC) classes; and, 
  • High graduation rates and success in post-secondary endeavors. 

We believe strongly that learning matters more than “seat time;” therefore, we accommodate the needs of students whose acquisition of skills and knowledge takes longer than the traditional time allotted in semesters and school years. Occasionally this may delay a student’s year of graduation.

The majority of our graduating students pursue post-secondary education, including 4-year, 2-year, and professional training education. Many of our graduates begin their post-secondary college careers at QVCC and stay connected with QMC as a result. Others go on to other colleges and universities, including:

  • Becker College
  • Dean College
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • North Park University
  • Oral Roberts University
  • Quinebaug Valley Community College
  • Three Rivers Community College
  • Santa Fe College
  • Rhode Island College
  • University of CT
  • Flagler College
  • University of Hartford
  • Unity College
  • Western New England University
Quin C.
Quin C.
"I didn't like the high school I had attended previously, so I was a bit uneasy about attending QMC. I started reading more into the school, and the more I read, the more I liked. “Inspiration, Kindness, and Respect” is the motto of the school, and that was a huge aspect of the environment that grabbed my attention. I started conversing with friends who attended the school and they all had very positive feedback. They informed me of another feature of the school- college classes! I love the fact I have access to college classes from QVCC. I think this is an amazing opportunity people should take advantage of. I believe anyone who's enrolled at QMC can truly reach the dreams they want to reach; they helped me do it, and I am confident they can help anyone do it."
Genna W.
Genna W.
"QMC teachers helped me find my learning style. With their encouragement, I have learned to ask for help in classes when I need it. This school has helped me be more confident, social, and trusting. I am better at taking responsibility for my own actions, like turning my work in on time. I am overall a better student and have gotten higher grades in my classes since coming here. Thank you, QMC!"


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