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QMC integrates literacy, contextual learning, creativity and innovation into all classes. These components are necessary for students to realize their vocational, career, social, and personal goals in our changing communities, workplaces, and increasingly interconnected global economy. Self-esteem, appreciation and value of diversity, strong collaboration skills, and facilitation abilities are promoted throughout our curriculum.

The QMC curriculum was designed with college-ready students in mind. It is aligned with state standards and addresses the needs of all learners. Our block schedule allows intensive learning experiences, and ensures that students have access to a variety of elective and required courses, including college-level courses at QVCC. Students will graduate with at least 25 high school credits and many earn college credits as part of our program.

Small Class Sizes

With an average class size of 15 students, teachers have the ability to create academic goals and objectives that focus on the integration of each student’s full complement of learning needs. Teachers work with students to demonstrate their ability to meet intellectually challenging work as they prepare to pursue their post-secondary education or career/vocational goals. Students read and write extensively in all classes; apply their learning to novel problems and tasks; produce significant pieces of analytic work; develop research papers, projects, models, and designs for public review and critique (including, but not limited to, the Senior Capstone Project); and conduct an end-of-the-year course project that reflects their learning experiences. We draw from current curriculum models proven to be effective in meeting needs of students with varied learning styles.

Individualized Support

Quinebaug Middle College embraces a unique teaching and learning process. Our classrooms and school are cooperative in nature and are purposely non-competitive. QMC is a competency-based school, in which the goal for all students is “educational competence” (generally, achievement representing at least a “C” in traditional grading systems). Using Connecticut’s curriculum frameworks and standards, teachers design instruction that ensures all students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to demonstrate competence in all disciplines. Teachers determine what is required of each student in order to demonstrate competency, and they provide multiple opportunities for students to explore and demonstrate their learning. Our teachers work closely with students and parents to help students achieve to their highest capacity. Students are encouraged to help others and can even choose to be a Teacher’s Assistant after they have achieved competency. Some of the tools we use to provide individualized support for our students are provided in support blocks throughout the day. For example, students may access support in Advisory (includes Naviance, Career & College Search, CAPT Prep, PSAT/SAT prep, Resume/College Essay Writing), Senior Capstone meetings, Peer Mentoring, After-school Tutoring Support, or the Connecting Room (available to students in need of immediate assistance to address problems that are interfering with their engagement in learning).

STEM and Humanities

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is a growing field, and Quinebaug Middle College is at the forefront of this movement. QMC teachers strive to integrate STEM into all content areas. Students benefit from the integration of STEM in the humanities and arts through Magnet Theme Units (MTUs), and local support from community businesses and organizations. Every QMC student benefits from the use of technology in the classroom, taught by teachers with STEM content knowledge and experience. Students who are particularly interested in STEM can take classes that focus on manufacturing, engineering and allied health careers, such as Manufacturing Math and Innovations in Manufacturing, both of which prepare students to take Blueprint Reading and Manufacturing Math II at QVCC. Investigations in Health Careers is another popular STEM class. The STEM focus provides authentic learning opportunities that combine knowledge and skills into project-based learning opportunities.

College Readiness

The QMC curriculum aligns with Quinebaug Valley Community College courses, and also with state initiatives in the areas of STEM and health professions. These industries have incredible growth potential, and through partnerships like those with UCONN School of Engineering, QVCC and Three Rivers Community College, QMC gives students an advantage that will help them find success beyond high school. Students can maximize the number of college credits earned while attending high school, no matter the area of interest. Not only does this help defray the cost of furthering a degree, it prepares students for the rigor and expectations of a college curriculum.


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