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Welcome to Quinebaug Middle College (QMC)!mk student

Having the opportunity to develop this special school with my staff and students has been, without question, the highlight of my career in education. I have had the opportunity to teach and mentor in the public schools for over 30 years and serving as the principal of this amazing school is an honor and a privilege.

QMC is a magnet high school for grades 9-12 that offers a personalized and distinctively rigorous learning environment for students who have found that the traditional high school setting does not complement
their learning needs. QMC prides itself on recognizing the unique personalities and individual strengths of our students and nurturing the discovery of personal aspirations that strengthen their resolve to learn. I am proud that QMC students can obtain their high school diploma, while also taking college courses for credit, at no cost to them.

The experiential, personalized learning environment at QMC provides a wealth of support from peers and caring adults. Students learn to express and demonstrate their skills through evaluation of evidence, thinking creatively, and finding solutions to complex problems. As members of a larger, caring community, students learn to embrace and communicate sophisticated ideas and demonstrate collegiality as they learn to function effectively within their surroundings. We encourage them to dream and plan for their future as happy and successful adults. Most importantly, students learn to embrace and fully live by our founding principles:

Inspiration, Kindness, and Respect

QMC seeks students who do not want to be ordinary; we want students who strive to become extraordinary. If you are a student who shares this philosophy, I encourage you to consider QMC. I believe that QMC offers opportunities unlike any other school in our region.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Mary Kay Tshonas
Principal, Quinebaug Middle College 

Quinebaug Middle College
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