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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was established in 2008 by the student community at QMC as the basics for discipline. The code was reviewed and approved by the school’s Leadership Team and Governance Board. Students are required to abide by the general rules and responsibilities of students attending the college, as outlined in the Quinebaug Valley Community College Student Handbook. In the QMC Code of Ethics, three primary values held by the QMC community are articulated:

  1. Respect for others, and appreciation for the diverse perspectives, skills, talents, abilities and contributions of all members of the learning community;
  2. Acceptance and demonstration of personal responsibility in keeping the school, campus, and community a safe and attractive place to learn; and,
  3. Commitment to learning and to building one’s personal assets, talents, strengths, and abilities.

Code of Ethics: Written and Approved by Students 9/5/08

Students will have input into the decision-making process and classroom rules.

  • All people should be treated equally with respect.
  • Dress should be appropriate but allow for individual expression.
  • All students should come to class ready to learn.
  • Each member’s individuality should be recognized and respected.
  • Members of the learning community will follow all laws, rules at QVCC, and EASTCONN’s school policies.

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