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Our Approach

Individualized Educational Programs

    • We offer standards-based, small-group and 1:1 instruction with progress monitoring aligned with goals/objectives delineated in students’ individualized education program (IEP).
    • Curriculum design and instruction incorporates project-based learning, integrated lessons and real-life applications. A variety of alternative teaching strategies and behavior management techniques are employed in the classroom to maximize student success.
    • Data-driven decision-making through intensive, on-going progress monitoring of techniques and strategies implemented across providers and settings.

Clinical/Behavioral Support Services

    • Multi-tiered school-wide positive behavior framework focused on proactive strategies and reinforcement to increase positive pro-social skills among all students.
    • Collaborate between clinicians and teachers to design safe, supportive environments for all the students. Development and implementation of individualized strategies that foster positive, pro-social behaviors in school and in the community. Opportunities to practice social skills with developmentally appropriate peers.

Vocational Services

Innovative community-based programming to support students in acquiring the necessary skills for competitive employment and post-secondary options.  Services include:

      • Assessment of skills and abilities.
      • Participation in small group/individualized instruction and community tours to local businesses.
      • Guest speakers sharing their trades, education and experiences.
      • Paid Internships for students 14 yrs and older.
      • Assistance with applying to post-secondary options including college/ vocational schools and/or planning for transition services.

Home-School Collaboration

  • On-going communication between school staff (teachers, clinicians, administrators) and families to maximize student success at school, at home and in the community.
  • Support for families interested in obtaining services from community-based agencies/individual providers.
  • Open houses, family nights, parent support groups, and parent-teacher conferences.


To learn more about our program, please contact:

Amy Margelony
Amy Margelony
Director of Pupil Services
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