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EASTCONN works in partnership with school districts and educators across northeast Connecticut to continuously improve instruction with the goal of increased learning for all children. From teacher evaluation to Connecticut Core Standards aligned curriculum, our specialists offer a broad range of services. Browse the extensive list of Programs and Services below, and contact us with any specific questions or requests for services.

Please contact Faith Grist (fgrist@eastconn.org) if there is a topic you would like to suggest for a regional PD offering.

Join us this summer for Math Recovery Training! This hands-on training will deepen teachers' practice to better assess students' mathematical thinking and provide innovative, targeted teaching strategies for success. Math Recovery is not a curriculum, but rather designed to help teachers use their curriculum more effectively, and to analyze and modify instructional tasks.
Course I, July 15-18, will cover early numeracy development - including verbal, symbolic and quantitative understanding – and development of addition and subtraction strategies.
Course 2, July 8-11, will extend teacher knowledge of conceptual place value, multi-digit addition and subtraction, and early multiplication and division. 



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