Best Practices in Supporting Special Populations: Breaking Down Barriers to Learning

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Best Practices in Supporting Special Populations: Breaking Down Barriers to Learning
Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 08:00am - 03:30pm
Course #: 1725300065; Title: Best Practices in Supporting Special Populations: Breaking Down Barriers to Learning; Description:

EASTCONN Psychological & Behavioral Consultation Services will host our first full-day conference on supporting students with special needs! With more than a dozen sessions across the day, speakers will present on topics including:

  1. Supporting Students Across Tiers: Current Topics Impacting Schools

  2. Sessions in this strand acquaint professionals with evolving issues that we face in our schools today. Participants attending these sessions will learn about challenges affecting students across tiers and gain practical skills in: developing and using treatment integrity assessment tools, proactively supporting intervention implementation and responding to resistance, effectively supporting students who have experienced trauma, and building meaningful alternative education programs for students with complex needs.


    • “The Intervention Isn’t Working!”: Assessing Implementation to Guide Next Steps

    • Breaking Down Barriers to Implementing BIPs: A Roadmap to Success

    • Trauma Informed Practices: Keys to Fostering Safe and Supportive School Environments

    • Reframing the Top of the Triangle: Supporting Students in Alternative Settings

  3. Improving Student Behavior: Expanding Your Toolbox of Strategies
  4. Sessions in this strand take simple, practical strategies to the next level by reviewing ways to maximize effectiveness of tools and address common pitfalls. Topics include: supporting classrooms, where maximizing structure/engagement and integrating motivation systems can reduce off-task behavior to set the foundation for all students; tips for getting the most out of small group social skills instruction; and how to develop and tweak rewards to improve outcomes across students and settings.


    • Increasing Engagement: Keeping Students On-Task and Out of Trouble

    • Create a Ripple Effect: How Group Rewards Can Target Individual Students and Change Your Classroom Climate

    • Beyond the Small Group: Maximizing the Impact of Social Skills Instruction

    • How to Make Rewards Actually Rewarding: Improving the Effectiveness of Reinforcement
  5. Instruction & Intervention for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

  6. Sessions in this strand will present practical strategies to increase the effectiveness of instruction for students with ASD. Participants attending morning sessions will learn how to teach flexibility and use visual supports to decrease problem behavior and increase engagement. In the afternoon, an introductory workshop on Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI) will outline the steps for implementation and review the essential components of DTI lesson plans.

    • Helping Students Get Unstuck: Improving Cognitive Flexibility in High Functioning Students with ASD

    • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Using a Variety of Visual Supports for Students with ASD

    • Getting Started with Discrete Trial Instruction (afternoon workshop)

  7. Neuropsychology of Dyslexia (afternoon workshop)

Students with reading difficulties have different learning needs and educators often struggle to select appropriate and individualized interventions. This session will review current research on the neurological basis of reading difficulties and present differences between dyslexia and specific learning disorders in reading. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in assessment techniques to identify specific areas of weakness and will present evidence-based interventions to target each area. Case examples will be used to practice how to assess reading skills and use assessment results to select appropriate interventions.

Presented by:
  • Jacquelyn DuBois, PhD

  • Eva Troyb, PhD

  • Ashley Boyle, MA

  • Rose Jaffery, PhD, BCBA-D

  • Erin Crosby, MA, BCBA

  • Erin Dunn, PhD

  • Ravit Stein, PhD, BCBA-D

  • Chris Barclay, PhD
  • Melinda Judson, B.S. Ed.

  • Jessica Miglio, M.S. Ed., BCBA

Keynote Speaker:

Melissa Collier-Meek, PhD, BCBA-D, Assistant Professor, UMASS-Boston, Department of Counseling & School Psychology

Continental breakfast and lunch are included.

Special Discounted rate of $119.00 for district teams of 4 or more. Please contact Paula Hanlon 860-455-1589 to register a team.

Location EASTCONN Conference Center