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QMC 2018 Graduates

Congratulations to the following students from QMC's graduating class of 2018! 

Kitana Marie Marshall
Nicholas R. Martel
Jacob C. Menten + *
Thomas Michael Menten +
Kaylee Anita Morrison
Caroline Elise Mountford
William C. Myers *
Kenneth Antonio Negron Ruiz
Isabel Edith Olsen
Kiah G. Parker
Anastasia Kristine Piligian *
Hannah Elizabeth Prestas
Kristiana Maxine Quintana + *
Jayson R. Torres *
Genna L. Warrender
Karah R. Wetherbee
Kaitlin G. Whalen
Brittany Marie Williams *
Abigail J. Young
Hazel A. Billings-Chiu +
Jarimar Borges Torres *
Jaclyn Rose Burdzel
Jazmine A. Byers
Joshua T. Careau *
Celton J. Clark
Clayton Joseph Cordello
Coralis N. Correa-Ortiz *
Giovanni Cotto
Joshua David Cox *
Kimberly Sarah Crowell
Xavier Deynes
Hayley Anne Haapala
Myia Lyn Harris *
Makayla Marie Hopkins
Alex J. Imre *
Julia H. Lamotte *
Matthew J. Lavallee
Sophia Anne LeDuc *
Danaija Precise Lewis


+ Indicates students who are National Honor Society Scholars
* Indicates students who completed a Capstone of Distinction


QMC Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

On Friday, June 8th QMC celebrated its 10 year anniversary. It was a gorgeous day and a nice celebration, featuring speakers that included Gary, QVCC President Dr. Carlee Drummer, Mary Kay, Tom C., Gino LoRicco, and two QMC students – one a senior, the other a freshman. More than 70 QMC high school students received certificates acknowledging their having passed their QVCC college courses and earned free college credits. There were about 200 people in attendance, and the celebration was held in the QVCC Amphitheater. Afterward, a cookout for everyone was held in the QVCC side parking lot.

ginomk QMCartwork  studentswatching


Senior Capstone Spotlight: Military Obstacle Course

On Thursday, May 10th Jarimar Borges held her Military Obstacle Course Capstone Project. Students and staff competed physical fitness challenges such as sit ups, push-ups, and the one mile run. Awards were presented during Town Meeting on May 18th. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

militarytraining   militaryawards



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