Intended for adults who are at least 17, who are no longer enrolled in high school, and who lack a high school diploma, this free skills-enhancement program will help students improve their math, reading and writing skills. The program offers a free evaluation, individual counseling to create a customized learning plan and convenient day/evening classes. The ultimate goal is to help students obtain a high school diploma and choose a vocation.

Benefits: This option offers both group and individualized instruction to those who need to improve their basic skills before beginning a high school completion program.

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For more information about Life Skills & Basic Skills Instruction, please contact:

Kristin Hempel
Community Learning Center
Tyler Square - Suite 25
1320 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226

Jeff Martel
EASTCONN Northeast Learning Center
562 Westcott Road
Danielson, CT 06239

Briana Patriarca
EASTCONN Community Learning Center
1320 Main Street
Tyler Square
Willimantic, CT 06226