INACTIVE-Adventure Program for Adults

The EASTCONN Adventure program can fast-track your group into a cohesive team. Plan a single or multi-day Adventure Program for your team at our facility in Hampton, Conn., or at your own site. EASTCONN Adventure staff will work with you to custom-design a program that will meet the unique needs of your group. Through our experiential activities, participants learn strategies to increase trust and develop communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. EASTCONN Adventure can help build a supportive community, create effective leaders and develop a winning team. As participants challenge themselves, they gain confidence, learn perseverance and develop an appreciation for peers, colleagues and/or teammates.

Benefits: Customized programs are available for small and large groups of all ages. Flexible indoor and outdoor program options are designed to include people of various physical abilities and fitness levels. Experiential activities stimulate positive energy, creative thinking and resourceful problem-solving skills among group members. Participants learn more about individual styles and strengths in a supportive atmosphere outside of school or work. School-based programs can be designed to connect to the Connecticut state standards.

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For more information about INACTIVE-Adventure Program for Adults, please contact:

Cyndi Wells
EASTCONN Adult and Community Programs
1320 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226