INACTIVE - Program Evaluation

EASTCONN can provide a variety of evaluation services, including formative and summative formats, and formal and informal variants. Evaluations may report on how your program design results in benefits to students, aligns with specified goals and achieves identified outcomes. EASTCONN staff will collaborate with you to both design and help determine a program's benefits and effectiveness. Services are available to help educators determine the effects of a program modification on collective and individual participants. Experienced EASTCONN staff work with grant writers and/or program developers on evaluation design.

Benefits: Participants benefit from EASTCONN staff members who have extensive experience designing and implementing evaluation models and reports for state, federal and foundation grants. In our experience, involving a program evaluator at the beginning of a program or grant development process helps refine the goals of the program, and integrates evaluation as an ongoing and cumulative process, making program determinations more data-based.

For more information about INACTIVE - Program Evaluation, please contact:

Maureen Crowley
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247-1320