Building Skills, Planning Futures

"What skills will I need to succeed in a changing workforce and in changing work environments?" In this yearlong, multidisciplinary interdistrict program, students in grades 9-12 from participating schools explore these and other concepts as they engage in a sustained exploration of financial management. Working together in cross-district teams, students make new friends and develop their academic skills, while developing an increased appreciation for and understanding of diversity.

Benefits: Students participate in workshops that help them create personal finance plans, including how to identify, maintain and analyze records in order to make business/personal financial decisions. They will also visit the local banking community to learn about many important aspects of personal finance (i.e. housing, cars, investments, interest) to better understand income and expense. As part of the career decision process, they will analyze a pay stub, W-4 form and federal and state income tax returns.

For more information about Building Skills, Planning Futures, please contact:

Cyndi Wells
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247