Our Changing Earth, Our Connected World

Students in grades 5-7 from participating schools engage in a sustained exploration of the geo-sciences as they explore the relevance and impact that geology has on their lives and on the world around them. Through this focused, interdisciplinary, Interdistrict Grant-funded program, students improve their academic skills, while developing a better understanding of diversity and making new friends with peers from different districts.

Benefits: Students learn how to create and use science notebooks to include notes, sketches, charts, graphs, questions and answers, hypotheses and changes in conceptual understandings over time, based on real-world investigations. Students also improve their academic skills, while working with peers from different school systems and increasing their understanding and appreciation for diversity.

For more information about Our Changing Earth, Our Connected World, please contact:

Cyndi Wells
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247