AAC - Indi (Available)
AAC Belt Clip (Available)
AAC Belt Clip- B (Available)
AAC External Hard Drive (Available)
AAC Profile (Not Available)
AAC Waist Belt (Available)
Adapter-30-pin to VGA Adapter 1 (Available)
Adapter-30-pin to VGA Adapter 2 (Available)
Adapter-30-pin to VGA Adapter 3 (Not Available)
Adapter-Lightning Digital AV Adapter-A (Available)
Adapter-Lightning Digital AV Adapter-B (Available)
Adapter-Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (Available)
Adapter-Lightning to VGA adapter - A (Not Available)
Adapter-Lightning to VGA adapter - B (Available)
Adapter-Lightning to VGA adapter - C (Available)
Adjustable Pressure Saucer Switch (Available)
All Turn It Spinner plus Soccer/Basketball Set (Not Available)
All-Turn-It Spinner (Available)
Apple TV (3rd Gen) (Available)
Assorted Pencil Grips (3) (Available)
ATT DORS iPad Air 2 – A (Available)
ATV Pro Kanex (Available)
Battery Operated Scissors (Available)
BIG Step-by-Step Communicator (Available)
BIGmack (Available)
Bluebee Pal Pro -A (Available)
Bluebee Pal Pro -B (Available)
Boost (Available)
Boundary Chair---Green (Available)
C-Pen Reader-A (Available)
Caller ID-Large display (Available)
Camcorder Canon Vixia HF R800 (Available)
Camcorder Samsung HMX-F90 (Available)
CARLA mind express (Available)
Case- GoNow Rugged for mini 4 -B (Available)
Case-ArmorBox Kido for iPad 2 (Available)
Case-ArmorBox Series 1 for iPad2 (Available)
Case-Attachment to fit iAdapter (Available)
Case-Big Grips -Blue (Available)
Case-Big Grips Slim (Available)
Case-Big Grips Tweener (case, stand & carrier) (Available)
Case-Carry case (purple) (Available)
Case-Caselogic Red Molded Sleeve (Available)
Case-ChatWrap for iPad mini 2/3 (Not Available)
Case-ChatWrap for iPad mini 4 (Available)
Case-ChatWrap for iPad mini 4-B (Not Available)
Case-Fintie for iPad Air (Available)
Case-for iPad Air with ChesterKeys (Available)
Case-GoNow Rugged for iPad (Not Available)
Case-GoNow Rugged for iPad (Available)
Case-GoNow RUGGED for iPad mini 4 (Available)
Case-GoNow Rugged for iPad mini 4 (Not Available)
Case-GoNow Sleek Case for iPad (Available)
Case-GoNow sleek for iPad mini 1,2,3 (Available)
Case-Griffin Survivor Slim A (Available)
Case-Griffin Survivor Slim B (Available)
Case-Gumdrop for Nexus 9 (Not Available)
Case-iAdapter 1--A Black (Available)
Case-iAdapter 3 - Gray Blue (Available)
Case-iAdapter 3---A- Black (Available)
Case-iAdapter 5 (Not Available)
Case-iAdapter mini (Available)
Case-iAdapter Mini 4-A (Not Available)
Case-iAdapter2---Black---B (Available)
Case-iAdapter2--Black ---A (Available)
Case-iPad 2 Defender Series (Available)
Case-iPad Air-Kensington (Not Available)
Case-iPod Touch Red/Black (Not Available)
Case-Keyboard-Logitech by Zagg (Available)
case-Keyboard-Poetic leather style (Not Available)
Case-Kindle Original Case - Blue (Available)
Case-Lifeproof fre for ipad mini 3 (Not Available)
Case-Logitech HINGE (Available)
Case-Otterbox Defender for ipad mini 4 (Available)
Case-Otterbox Defender iPad 5th generation (Available)
Case-Otterbox for Android (Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPad Air -A (Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPad Air -B (Not Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPad Mini (Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPad2 -A (Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPad2 -B (Not Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPad2 -C (Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPod (Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPod -B (Available)
Case-Otterbox for iPod-A (Not Available)
Case-Otterbox Very Berry (B) for iPad Mini 4 (Available)
Case-Otterbox Very Berry for iPad Mini 4 (Available)
Case-Otterbox-Air-Grey/White (Not Available)
Case-Poetic Keybook for iPad 2+ (Available)
Case-Poetic Standbook Leather Case (Available)
Case-ProSlate 8 eval kit -A (Not Available)
Case-ProSlate 8 eval kit -B (Available)
Case-Protective Carry Case (red/black) (Available)
Case-Samsung Galaxy-Maroon (Not Available)
Case-Snugg iPad Case and Stand (Available)
Case-Speck HandyShell for iPad 3 and 4 Black/Dk Gray (Available)
CCTV Aladdin Classic (Available)
ChatWrap 10.2 with Wheelchair Mounting Plate (Available)
ChatWrap Mini4-15 Loc Keyguard (Available)
ChatWrap Mini4-42 Loc. Keyguard (Available)
Classmate Reader (Available)
Core Word Board - D (Available)
Core Word Board -A (Available)
Core Word Board -B (Available)
Core Word Board -C (Available)
Coverstand A (Not Available)
Coverstand B (Available)
CVES Core Vocabulary Exchange System (Available)
Dana Wireless (Available)
Desk Corral (Available)
Desk-AlphaBetter Stand up desk (Available)
Digital Pocket Viewer (Available)
Digital Reader-PlexTalk 1 (Available)
Digital Video Camera-HausBell (Available)
Dragon 12 Premium A (Available)
Dragon 12 Premium B (Available)
Dragon 12 Premium C (Available)
Dragon 12 Premium D (Available)
Dragon 13 Premium-A (Available)
Dragon 13 Premium-B (Available)
Dragon Dictate Software and Headset (Available)
DynaVox V (Available)
Easy Grip Pegboard (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -A (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -B (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -C (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -D (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -E (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -F (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -G (Available)
Easy Push Talking Pocket -H (Available)
Echo Smartpen with Livescribe Notebook 2 (Available)
Echo Smartpen with Livescribe Notebook 2 (Available)
Energizer Recharge Base (Available)
Flip 'n Talk - large (Available)
Flip n' Talk - small (Available)
Focus 40-Braille Display (Available)
Forte-A (Available)
Forte-B (Available)
Fusion (Available)
GoTalk 20+ A (Available)
GoTalk 20+ B (Available)
GoTalk Pocket-A (Available)
GoTalk Pocket-B (Available)
GoTalk Pocket-C (Available)
Hand Typer Left (Available)
Hand Typer Right (Available)
Happy Time Put-Em-Around 1 (Available)
Happy Time Put-Em-Around 2 (Not Available)
Happy Time Put-Em-Around 3 (Available)
Happy Time Put-Em-Around 4 (Available)
Headphones- (Chester Creek) with volume control (Available)
Headphones-Logitech w/mic USB-1 (Available)
Headphones-Logitech w/mic USB-2 (Available)
Headset - Sennheiser Bluetooth Headset (Available)
Headset - Sennheiser USB Headset (Available)
Headset-Cyber Acoustics(non-USB)-1 (Available)
Headset-Cyber Acoustics(non-USB)-2 (Available)
Headset-non USB- 1 (Available)
Headset-non-USB-2 (Available)
Headset-non-USB-3 (Available)
iAdapter-Mini 4 (Available)
iBill-Currency Reader (Available)
iMainGo 2- 1 (Not Available)
iMainGo 2- 2 (Available)
iMainGo X (Available)
iOne Trackball (Not Available)
iPad 2-OT - A (Available)
iPad 2-Speech Loaner -A (Available)
iPad 3-OT- A (Available)
iPad 3-OT- B (Not Available)
iPad Air-Academics Loaner -A (Not Available)
iPad Air-Academics Loaner -B (Available)
iPad Air-Academics- Assessment -A (Not Available)
iPad Air-Academics- Assessment -B (Not Available)
iPad Air-OT-A (Not Available)
iPad Air-OT-B (Not Available)
iPad Smart Cover-A (Available)
iPad Smart Cover-B (Available)
iPad stand -Fold up- E (Available)
iPad stand -Fold-up- D (Not Available)
iPad stand-Fold-up - A (Available)
iPad stand-Fold-up - B (Available)
iPad stand-Fold-up - C (Not Available)
iPad- Camera Connection Kit 1 (Available)
iPad- Camera Connection Kit 2 (Not Available)
iPad- Camera Connection Kit 3 (Not Available)
iPad-AAC Assessment (OLD!) (Available)
iPad-AAC Assessment-A (Available)
iPad-AAC ASSESSMENT-B (Available)
iPad-AAC Loaner E (Not Available)
iPad-AAC Loaner-A (Not Available)
iPad-AAC Loaner-B (Not Available)
iPad-AAC Loaner-C (Not Available)
iPad-AAC Loaner-D (Not Available)
iPad-AAC Loaner-F (Not Available)
iPad-AAC Loaner-G (Available)
iPad-Academics 4 (Available)
iPad-Academics Mini Loaner-A (Not Available)
iPad-Air 32 GB (Available)
iPad-Camera Connection Kit 4 (Available)
iPad-Single App iDevice (Available)
iPad-TRANSITION-iPad 2 (Available)
iPAD2 -TRANSITION-3 (Available)
iPAD2 -TRANSITION-4 (Available)
iPad2-TRANSITION-1 (Available)
iPencil (Available)
iPod 1-AAC (Not Available)
iPod 1-Academic (Available)
iPod 2-AAC (Available)
iPod Touch Defender Series Case Glacier (Available)
iPod Touch-AAC (Not Available)
iPod-Transition iPod (Available)
J-Pad (Available)
JAWS-for windows (Available)
Jelly Beamer Transmitter w/wireless receiver (Not Available)
joannes test (Available)
Joystick-ABLER PRO (Available)
Joystick-OPTIMAX wireless (Available)
KasePal (Available)
Keyboard Seal- part of classroom bundle (Available)
Keyboard-Apple Wireless -A (Available)
Keyboard-Apple Wireless -B (Not Available)
Keyboard-Apple wireless-C (Not Available)
Keyboard-Apple wireless-D (Available)
Keyboard-Belkin Case Wireless for iPad air (Not Available)
Keyboard-BigKeys Plus (Available)
Keyboard-Bluetooth Wireless (Available)
Keyboard-Chester Creek Color (Available)
Keyboard-ChesterKeys and Case for iPad 2/3 (Not Available)
Keyboard-Clevy B and W High Contrast with Overlay (Available)
Keyboard-Clevy B and W High Contrast with Overlay (Available)
Keyboard-Clevy Color with Overlay -A (Available)
Keyboard-Clevy Color with Overlay -B (Available)
Keyboard-Clevy Color with Overlay -C (Available)
Keyboard-Half Qwerty (Available)
Keyboard-Intellikeys USB (Available)
Keyboard-iPad Pro Smart (Available)
Keyboard-Learning Board - Black (Available)
Keyboard-Learning Board - White (Not Available)
Keyboard-Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Folio Case (Available)
Keyboard-Lesson Board (Available)
Keyboard-Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Available)
Keyboard-My Board UC Color (Available)
Keyboard-Pink Omnitech (Available)
Keyboard-Simply Plugo! With Keyguard (Available)
Keyboard-Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro (Available)
Keyboard-Targus Versavu (Available)
Keyboard-VisiKey (Available)
Keyboard-Zagg Folio -A (Not Available)
Keyboard-Zagg Folio -B (Available)
Keyboard-Zagg Universal (Not Available)
Keyboard-ZoomText Large-Print (Available)
Keyguard-60 Location (Not Available)
Keyguard-8 inch MultiChat 15 Student (Not Available)
Keyguard-iPad 12 windows (Available)
Keyguard-iPad 15 windows (Available)
Keyguard-Ipad 43 windows (Available)
Keyguard-iPad Full Screen (Available)
Keyguard-iPad SoundingBoard-2 windows (Available)
Keyguard-iPad SoundingBoard-9 windows (Available)
Keyguard-LAMP 84 window (Available)
Keyguard-Sounding Board, 4 space (Available)
Keyguard-Sounding Board, 9 space (Available)
Keyguard-TouchChat Keyguard- 15 space (Available)
Keyguard-TouchChat Keyguard, 42 space (Available)
keyguard-TouchChat MultiChat 15 Landscape AMDI IAdapter (Available)
Keyguard-TouchChat Multichat Landscape - 15 space (Available)
Keyguard-Touchchat/Multichat 15 (Available)
Kindle Fire and Cover Standard Black (Available)
Kindle Original (Available)
Kindle-With Speech (Available)
Kore Wobble Chair (Not Available)
Kurzweil 3000 version 12 for Win- CD (Available)
Laptop- Acer Chromebook Touchscreen (Not Available)
Laptop-HP Touchscreen (Available)
Laptop-Lenovo ThinkPad (Available)
Laptop-Lenovo thinkpad Writing Laptop Loaner (Available)
Laptop-MacBook Pro with retina display (Available)
Laptop-Samsung Chromebook (Not Available)
Laptop-Toshiba Chromebook 2 (Available)
Laptop-Ultrabook Twist Touchscreen (Available)
Laser Pointer-AtlasNova (Available)
Left Hand Easi-Grip Loop Scissors (Available)
Leo the Lion-Talking Animal-A (Available)
Leo the Lion-Talking Animal-B (Available)
Lex - A (Available)
Lex - B (Available)
Lex-C (Available)
Liftware-Spoon A (Available)
Liftware-Spoon and Fork B (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2m)- A (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2m)- B (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2m)- C (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-D (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-E (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-F (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-G (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-H (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-I (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-J (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-K (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-L (Available)
Lightning to USB Cable (2M)-M (Available)
Livescribe Echo Smartpen (Available)
Livescribe Smartpen 3 (Available)
Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 (Available)
Microphone-9-in-1 SpeechWare Table Top Microphone (Available)
Microphone-Table Mike-USB 6-in-1 (Not Available)
Microsoft Office 365 (Available)
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Available)
Mid-Sized Comm Book- 20pg (Available)
Model CCTCB- part of classroom bundle (Available)
Mount- G10 Pro 360 Universal Tablet Goose-neck mount (Available)
Mount-Clamp Smatree Adjustable Jaws Flex Clamp Mount-A (Available)
Mount-Clamp Smatree Adjustable Jaws Flex Clamp Mount-B (Available)
Mouse Button Box (Available)
Mouse-"Little Mouse" (Available)
Mouse-"Little Mouse" -A (Available)
Mouse-"Little Mouse"-B (Available)
Mouse-"Little Mouse"-C (Available)
Mouse-Chester Mouse 1 Button Computer Mouse (Available)
Mouse-Chester Mouse2 One Button (Available)
Mouse-Chester Mouse2 Tiny Optical (Available)
Mouse-Evoluent Vertical mouse-Small (Available)
Mouse-Logitech Wireless Trackball (Available)
Mouse-Mini Optical-Don Johnston (Available)
Mouse-Trackball for Kids (Available)
Mouse-Vertical Mouse 4 right wireless (Available)
Mp3 Player-Nextar (Available)
Mp3 Player-Omnitech (Available)
Mp3 Player-SanDisk (Available)
My TalkGuard (Available)
NintendoDS XL (Available)
Noise Cancelling Headphones-Passive (Available)
Nook (Available)
Omnimount (Available)
One Take or Place (Available)
OSMO (Available)
Page Up -A (Available)
Page Up-B (Available)
Page Up-C (Available)
Page Up-D (Available)
Page Up-E (Available)
PECS Book Sample (Available)
PENfriend (Available)
Phone-Clarity Handset (Available)
Phone-Ultratec CrystalTone (Available)
Pocket Sized Communication Book with Grommet (Available)
PODD Book 4 by 4 (Available)
Portable DVD Writer (Available)
Portable Table Mount (Available)
Powerlink 3 (Available)
PowerLink 4 (Not Available)
PowerTel 760 Telephone (Available)
Practical AAC- A Guide to Functional Communication (Available)
Projector-BENQ (Available)
Proxpad with tangible object cards (Not Available)
ProxTalker (Available)
QuickTalker 12 (Available)
Quicktalker 12-B (Not Available)
Quicktalker 23 (Available)
Quicktalker 23-B (Not Available)
QuickTalker 7 (Available)
Randomizer (Not Available)
REDCAT- Black (Available)
REDCAT-White (Available)
Right-Hand Easi-Grip Loop Scissors (Available)
Roller Plus Joystick (Available)
Seat: Virco Analogy Floor Rocker Chair Shell Blueberry (Not Available)
Sensory Belt #1 (Small) (Available)
Sensory Belt #2 (Available)
Sequencer (Not Available)
Sky Wifi Smartpen-1 (Available)
Slant board (Available)
Softone Weights (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About Animals (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About Animals of Cold Lands (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About Dinosaurs (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About Natural Disasters (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About Ocean (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About: Ancient Egyptians (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About: Explorers (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About: Life Cycles (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About: Plants (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About: Plants (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About: The Human Body (Available)
Software-Find Out and Write About: The Human Body (Available)
Software-Firth Author Writing Software (Available)
Software-PECS Discrimination Training (Available)
Software-TASP A (Available)
Software-TASP B (Available)
SOLO 6+ with Co:Writer 7 (Available)
Sound Activated Switch (Available)
Speaker-Jambox-Mini (Available)
Speech Recognition System (Available)
Spiral Bound Dbl-Sized Comm Bk (Available)
Stand- adjustable-Lamicall (Available)
Stand-Go Talk (Not Available)
Stand-RJ Cooper Folding Stand for iPad/Tablets (Available)
Stand-Sqweezel Clamp Mount A (Available)
Stand-Sqweezel Clamp Mount B (Available)
Stand-Sqweezel Clamp Mount C (Available)
Stand-Suptek-tablet holder (Available)
Step by Step button-A (Available)
Step by Step button-B (Not Available)
Step by Step button-C (Available)
Stool-Ballo Green (Available)
Stool-Ergo green (Available)
Stool-Ergo Orange (Not Available)
Stool-Sit to Stand with Pivot Saddle Seat Gray (Not Available)
Strap- NOVA Chat Shoulder Strap A (Available)
Strap- NOVA Chat Shoulder Strap B (Available)
Strap- NOVA Chat Shoulder Strap C (Available)
Strap-NOVA Chat Shoulder Strap D (Not Available)
Strap-NOVA Chat Shoulder Strap E (Available)
Strap-NOVA Chat Shoulder Strap F (Available)
Study Pal (Available)
Stylus -Ergo-D (Available)
Stylus- Ergo- A (Not Available)
Stylus-Apple pencil for iPad Pro (Available)
Stylus-Bamboo for iPad (Available)
Stylus-Boxwave Evertouch Capacitive-blue (Available)
Stylus-Boxwave Evertouch Capacitive-MINI (Available)
Stylus-Boxwave Evertouch Capacitive-Red (Available)
Stylus-Caduceus (Available)
Stylus-Easy Flex (Available)
Stylus-Ergo -B (Not Available)
Stylus-Ergo -C (Not Available)
Stylus-iPad/Tablet Handpointer (Available)
Stylus-Just Mobile (Available)
Stylus-LIMITLESS (Available)
Stylus-Slapband (Available)
Stylus-Tips Stickers (Available)
Super-sized Communicator (Available)
SuperTalker (Available)
Switch -Adapter-Pererro iOS (Available)
Switch Activated Toy- Dog (Available)
Switch Activated Toy- Dog (Available)
Switch Activated Toy- Pig (Not Available)
Switch Activated Toys-Portable CD Player (Not Available)
Switch Modifier-A (Available)
Switch Modifier-B (Not Available)
Switch Powered Toy-Plane (Available)
Switch Toy-Bubble Machine (Not Available)
Switch- Activated Plasma Star (Available)
Switch-Activated Plasma Heart (Available)
Switch-Adjustable Angle (Available)
Switch-Bass (Available)
Switch-Blue2 (Available)
Switch-Candy Corn (Available)
Switch-Click USB (Available)
Switch-Cover-MERU splatz Series 2 (Available)
Switch-Crick USB Switch Box (Not Available)
Switch-Interface (Super Switch) for Computer (Available)
Switch-Interface (Super Switch) for Tablet (Available)
Switch-Interface Crick USB-A (Available)
Switch-Interface Crick USB-B (Available)
Switch-Interface for iOs Tapio (Not Available)
Switch-Interface for iPad (Not Available)
Switch-Interface Pro 6.0 Don Johnston-1 (Available)
Switch-Interface Pro 6.0 Don Johnston-2 (Available)
Switch-Interface RJ's1-for tablet (Available)
Switch-Interface RJ's2-for tablet (Available)
Switch-Interface-iPad Cordless (Available)
Switch-Jelly Bean Twist-Medium (Not Available)
Switch-Jelly Bean-Small (Available)
Switch-Joggle-Red (Available)
Switch-Large Ablenet-A (Available)
Switch-Large Ablenet-B (Not Available)
Switch-Large Ablenet-C (Available)
Switch-Lolly (Available)
Switch-Luminidisk switch or sound activated (Available)
Switch-Micro Light -Red (Available)
Switch-Micro Light -Silver (Available)
Switch-Pal Pad-A (Available)
Switch-Pal Pad-B (Available)
Switch-Pal Pad-Mini (Not Available)
Switch-Rainbow-orange (Available)
Switch-Say-It Talking Button (A) (Not Available)
Switch-Say-It Talking Button (B) (Not Available)
Switch-Small Buddy Button-A (Available)
Switch-Small Buddy Button-B (Available)
Switch-Small Buddy Button-C (Not Available)
Switch-Smooth Talker-Yellow (Not Available)
Switch-Vertical Wobble Switch (Not Available)
Switch: Smooth Talker-Red (Not Available)
Tablet-2goPad (Available)
Tablet-Galaxy S2 (Not Available)
Tablet-Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet with Stylo (Available)
Tablet-Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet with Stylus (Available)
Tablet-Nexus 9 (Not Available)
Tablet-Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with wifi (Available)
Tablet-Surface Pro-A (Available)
Talkable III (Available)
TalkBook Four (Available)
TalkBook Four (Available)
Talking My Way (Available)
Talking Photo Album (Available)
Tango (Available)
Tapio Switch Interface (lightning) (Available)
Targus Tripod TG-42TT (Available)
TASP- Assessment (Available)
The Heavyweight Pen (Available)
The Music Machine (Available)
The Pencil Grip, 12 pk (Available)
The Pencil Grip/Weight (Available)
Tiny Mouse- part of classroom bundle (Available)
Toms Test Item (Not Available)
TouchChat VocabPC-Landscape AMDI Adapter (Available)
Trackball-Mini (Available)
Transmitter and Receiver-MINI Beamer (Available)
Twin Talk (Available)
U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board 8.5 x 11 (Available)
Upright take(or place) and talk four (Not Available)
VictorReader CDedition-A (Available)
VictorReader CDedition-B (Available)
VictorReader CDedition-C (Available)
VictorReader Stream-A (Available)
VictorReader Stream-B (Available)
VictorReader Stream-C (Available)
Voice Pod (Available)
Weighted Insulated Cup (Available)
Word Wall (Not Available)
Writing bird-Pencil Grip (Available)
ZoomText (Available)
Zoomtext Fusion (Available)