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Accreditation Quality Improvement System (AQIS)
The Connecticut Accreditation Quality Improvement System (AQIS) is an established resource system of regional teams providing critical leadership and support for the achievement of quality standards and excellence in early childhood programs. AQIS services include overviews of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Program Standards and Accreditation Performance Criteria; technical assistance with the process of accreditation; and individualized support for programs engaged in the self-study.

Birth-to-Three Program
Early intervention services are provided in the home or community, in conjunction with families, for young children identified with disabilities. Services include coaching intervention, parenting support, referrals, collaboration with other providers/services, and transition to the school system when a child turns 3.

Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards
Training and consultation are available for your staff on curriculum and assessment (with an emphasis on linking teaching to curriculum and assessment) and aligning preschool curricula with that of the primary grades, including the Connecticut Core Standards. Training on the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards and Assessment Frameworks is also available.

Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework (CTPAF) Web-Based Software
This reasonably priced, Web-based application is available for teachers and program directors who use the Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework (CTPAF). Teacher-friendly and secure, this database eliminates the need for handwritten reports and allows teachers and administrators to view individual, classroom and program results.

DOTS (Documentation & Observation for Teaching System)
CT DOTS Online is the only system specifically designed to meet the data entry and analysis demands required by CT DOTS. Early childhood professionals now have a paper-free method of observing children, collecting evidence/artifacts and evaluating their skills against a standard set of indicators. CT DOTS Online is available anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Early Childhood Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)
Our certified CLASS staff are available to observe, record and provide feedback for your preK classrooms on the dimensions of emotional support, classroom organization and instructional support. CLASS has scientifically identified specific early experiences that children need in order to succeed in school and life. It has organized these experiences into teacher classroom behaviors that are observable and that support high-quality care and education. The CLASS tool provides data for program planning and classroom support systems.

Early Childhood Council Facilitation and Strategic Planning
EASTCONN staff with experience in community collaboration, early childhood policy and practice, as well as comprehensive services, will work with your community to support the development and implementation of an Early Childhood Council. Our staff can also serve as your school readiness liaison to the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, or fulfill the role of school readiness monitor for your state-funded program. We can help you develop a strategic plan for increasing your capacity and improving the quality of your early childhood services. In addition, our expert staff can assist your program with grant-writing services.

Early Childhood Parent Education/Parenting Workshops
Workshops on a range of topics are available to help parents increase their parenting skills, improve their knowledge of children's growth and development, and learn how to support learning. Early childhood specialists are available to provide regional or on-site training.

Early Childhood Program Monitoring & Evaluation
Our early childhood specialists can help to create or improve early childhood programs, birth through grade 3. Consultation can include program and curriculum design, as well as facility and learning environment design and evaluation.

Early Childhood Training, Consultation and Coaching
Early childhood specialists provide a range of professional development services customized to meet your program needs. Professional development related to curriculum, teaching and assessment, and learning environments, is directly connected to state and national standards. On-site training and coaching is aimed at accomplishing program improvement goals that lead to improved child outcomes.

Early Head Start
EASTCONN administers the Early Head Start program in Windham and Tolland Counties. This program serves income-eligible pregnant women and children, birth to age 3, and their families, in home-visiting and center-based programs. EASTCONN offers Early Head Start in northeastern Connecticut, while Windham Public Schools provides the program for the greater Windham area. Stafford Public Schools offers a home-based program in the Stafford area. Benefits of Early Head Start include strong family involvement and support with health, dental, nutrition and mental health needs.

English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Family Literacy
EASTCONN Adult Programs partners with Head Start to provide Family Literacy classes to eligible Windham families.

Executive Function Skills
The lack of self-regulation in children is cited as an increasing problem in schools today. Behavioral and academic issues often result from underlying problems with executive function. EASTCONN staff can work with school districts to increase the executive function skills of preschool through grade 1 students. We provide training and on-site coaching to administrators and teachers in implementing strategies to support children's self-regulation, while increasing their literacy and math skills.

Head Start
EASTCONN administers Head Start, a comprehensive, federally funded program for income eligible preschool-age children and their families in Windham and Tolland counties. Center-based programs are available in Killingly, Plainfield, Putnam and Windham. A home-based program is available to families in Tolland County. Head Start incorporates a strong family involvement component, ensuring that families are involved in their child's education. Other benefits of Head Start include support with health, dental, nutrition and mental health needs.

Language and Literacy Assessment Practices
EASTCONN staff will work with your school district to review its current practices in language and literacy assessments so they align with critical, grade-level reading skills and Connecticut Core Standards for kindergarten through second grade.

NAEYC Accreditation Consultation
Our expert Early Childhood staff will provide information, consultation and training to preschool and kindergarten programs that want to pursue accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

PreK-Grade 3 Alignment
EASTCONN staff facilitate a review of components of aligned preK-grade 3 structures and components that address the alignment of standards, instruction, assessment, family engagement and transitions, using a research-based tool. Staff will work with your local school, district or community team to develop an improvement plan.

Transition Planning: Preschool-to-Kindergarten
Early childhood specialists offer consultation to communities and schools regarding best practices for transitioning children into kindergarten. By facilitating a broad-based group, we can assist communities and schools in developing comprehensive transition plans that support successful, positive experiences for children and families.