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Dear Families, School Districts and EASTCONN Community Members –

We are proud to welcome you to EASTCONN’s Clinical Day Treatment schools. At our programs, we welcome students who need additional supports and interventions from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our students come to us from across northeastern Connecticut as they seek an educational experience that will meet their individual social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs. Our goal is to help students thrive in these areas by learning a variety of prosocial skills that will ultimately allow them to return to their sending districts or a less restrictive setting. At our Clinical Day Treatment schools, students engage in small, classroom-based, hands-on academic and social-skills groups. Students also have access to on-site clinical staff who are available to them throughout the school day to assist in the problem-solving process. Students who are of high school age participate in a wide variety of vocational experiences that help build functional life skills and job-readiness.

As a school community, our Clinical Day Treatment schools strive to meet student needs in a variety of ways. First, our schools use research-based interventions and practices that teach, model and reinforce positive behaviors in order to support positive learning environments and help students generalize those skills in all settings. Our schools also have a high staff-to-student ratio that allows students to receive the one-to-one and small-group instruction and support that they require to meet their educational needs. Additionally, each school has a highly skilled team of clinical staff who meet with students individually, collaborate with families and provide professional development for all building staff.
We look forward to meeting with you this school year and to sharing more about our highly successful and specialized schools!

Gregory Biggs and Kurt Mias, LCSW

Gregg BiggsAbout Gregory Biggs

Greg joined the EASTCONN team in 2016 as the Principal of EASTCONN’s Educational and Vocational Center (EVC). Prior to his work at EVC, Greg was the Assistant Director of Education and Lead Teacher for 8 years at the day school at the Susan Wayne Center of Excellence, a residential and clinical day treatment program in Thompson, Connecticut. Greg was drawn to EASTCONN by the opportunity to work with diverse groups of students from across eastern Connecticut, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with professionals across a variety of academic, clinical and related-service settings. In his work at EVC, Greg applies the educational philosophy of EASTCONN’s Clinical Day Treatment programs, which holds that all students can learn and succeed with a personalized and tailored educational program that meets their current needs. Greg lives in eastern Connecticut with his wife and two children. They have a two-year old St. Bernard named Bock who goes everywhere with them. At 150 pounds, he’s an impressive travel companion. In Greg’s free time, he enjoys golf, board games and hiking with his family.


Kurt MiasAbout Kurt Mias

Kurt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Principal of Northeast Regional Program (NRP), which is located in Killingly, Connecticut. He joined the EASTCONN team in 2012 as a School Clinician at Northeast Regional Program. Prior to coming aboard, Kurt worked as a family therapist at a non-profit, community-based agency in Hartford, where he helped treat juveniles involved in the legal system, and their families. During his time at EASTCONN, Kurt has held a variety of roles, including School Clinician, Lead Clinician, Dean of Students and Principal. He is a PMT Coach, has a master’s in Social Work from Springfield College, an 092 Intermediate School Administrator Certification from Sacred Heart University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Connecticut. Kurt’s approach to facilitating student and staff success is to build a school culture of empathy and compassion by understanding each person’s experience, and using research-based interventions with fidelity and consistency. Kurt lives in Rhode Island with his wife and son. He has a true love for distance running, bouldering and premier league soccer.