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Student Tranportation Rules

Student Tranportation Rules

If your child will be absent due to illness or emergency, please contact the EASTCONN Transportation Office at least one (1) hour before your child’s scheduled pick-up time at 860-228-6751or at 800-871-4740 toll-free from Connecticut.

ASTCONN Transportation provides curb-to-curb transportation, not door-to-door service. Our driver may only pick up your child at an assigned curbside stop, at a pre-scheduled time and is not allowed to enter private driveways.

A responsible, authorized person must be present at the scheduled drop-off time to receive your child. If no one is at home, we will contact you with the emergency contact information you provide to us or with your school district and follow their instructions.

Your EASTCONN driver will do everything possible to adhere to the scheduled pick-up and drop-off schedule. However, there may be circumstances that could occasionally delay the scheduled times. EASTCONN requests that parents make every reasonable attempt to be present at the drop-off address at least 10 minutes prior to schedule. Drivers are not allowed to wait at a child’s pick-up or drop-off point as it will only delay the remainder of the schedule.

The driver cannot change the location or time of your child’s bus stop without specific permission from EASTCONN’s Transportation Office via your school district. To change your child’s morning and/or afternoon bus stop: 

  – You must contact your school district for approval in advance. Be prepared to give them names, addresses and contact information.

– Your school district must then contact EASTCONN Transportation staff with your busing changes, in advance.

–  Please note that EASTCONN requires a minimum of 48 hours to ensure a change in your child’s morning/afternoon is processed correctly.

 – Notes from parents/guardians requesting last-minute bus stop changes will not be accepted in lieu of permission from your district.

 The driver will not make any unauthorized stops and is not allowed to pick up extra students or passengers.

Students may not bring pets, animals, radios  -- or any items that cannot be secured -- onto the vehicle.

Students may not eat, drink or smoke on the vehicle.

Your child must sit in the seat assigned by the driver and wear a seatbelt properly at all times.

Proper student conduct is required at all times. Please refer to your school district’s student transportation policy for specific information about proper student conduct.

Students who create a disturbance and distract the driver may be prohibited from riding in an EASTCONN vehicle.

The driver cannot transport your child’s medicine to or from school.

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