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$25K SUEZ Grant Cuts Cost of Mobile STEM Lab Visits

And in the good news department...

A $25,000 grant from the SUEZ Foundation will help underwrite the cost of bringing EASTCONN’s Mobile STEM Laboratory to 20 schools across the EASTCONN region over the next year. 

“This generous contribution by the SUEZ Foundation will make it possible for even more schools and students to benefit from a Mobile STEM Lab visit,” said EASTCONN’s Dr. Stacey Williams-Watson, who oversees the STEM Laboratory’s science instruction and learning.

The international SUEZ Corporation, which has a facility in Danielson, is a water conservation and water recycling company.

EASTCONN’s Mobile STEM Laboratory is fully equipped and can travel relatively long distances. EASTCONN charges a break-even fee to finance STEM Lab trips to schools or other sites, like state parks, where students can conduct experiments both inside and outside of the Lab. 

Thanks to the SUEZ grant, 20 EASTCONN-region schools will only have to pay half that break-even fee. Included in the fee: STEM Lab travel, a teacher’s pre-visit training, an on-board EASTCONN science instructor, all scientific materials, a curriculum aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, and more. 

The lab’s curriculum is intended for students from 5th to 12th grade, and covers topics like watersheds, biodiversity, climate change, waste-water treatment, introduction to robotics, among others. Customized curricula are available, and STEM learning opportunities are also available for younger grades. 

Among the lab’s on-board inventory are iPads for interactive work, data collection and analysis; an on-board scanning electron microscope; general laboratory equipment; Vernier probes; 20 work stations with electrical feeds for lab microscopes; interior flat-screen monitors; an exterior TV monitor, and other tools. 

To learn more, contact Dr. Stacey Williams-Watson at swatson@eastconn.org, or reach her at 860-455-1508.