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Heather Prouty, a senior at ACT, is a Dance Major. She has been an integral part of the Dance program since her freshman year. Heather has participated in Dancefest since sophomore year and also been a part of Student Dance Company, Chocolate Fest, Showcase and Streetfest. Heather is happy she had the opportunity to be a part of ACT and enjoys being involved with Student Council and assisting with event planning.


Heather is ACT’s Student Council President. This year Heather has been instrumental in the success of Student Council. She took on a major role in planning for the Winter Ball and dedicated an inordinate amount of time collaborating with Jessica on décor and food preparation. Heather promoted the event on social media and it turned out being the most well attended dance in ACT school history. Student Council had many successful events this year including a bullying awareness day, spirit week, the winter ball, a food drive and the penny wars. Heather has been active behind the scenes for all of these events to help ensure their success. Her leadership role has grown substantially this year. Heather is able to clearly communicate with her peers and work collaboratively with adults to achieve a common goal and in return has positively impacted ACT’s community.


Sarah Mallory, ACT’s Dean of Students states, “Heather is persistent, creative and energetic when it comes to planning events for our school community. She doesn’t give up easily and remembers the smallest details when it comes to coordinating events.”


In addition, Heather co-directed Student Dance Company this year. She planned rehearsal times, helped edit music and made sure all dancers were prepared for the show. For Saturday evening’s show, Heather was a huge help in planning for the tribute and candle ceremony that took place. Heather is looking forward to participating in her last Dancefest performance at ACT in March. She truly enjoys performing with her friends.


Heather has been accepted Mitchell College and plans to major in Psychology in the fall of 2015. She aspires to be a counselor who specializes in working with trauma victims. Since Heather has been dancing most of her life, she hopes to continue dance after high school whether it’s through teaching at a dance studio or participating in the Step or Dance team at Mitchell College.






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