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CT Preschool Assessment Framework

ctapafThe assessment frameworks provide a system for using standards in assessing children's progress.  They enable teachers to plan and implement curriculum that addresses specific learning standards and to observe and assess children's progress in achieving these standards.   

The Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework (CTPAF) was developed to complement the Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework (1999).  The CTPAF is a curriculum-embedded tool for assessing 3 and 4-year-old children in their preschool classrooms. The CTPAF describes 30 performance standards, or learning goals, for young children, and a continuum of skills (benchmarks) for 2 ½ to 6 years for each performance standard. They include all aspects of a child's learning and are organized in four domains: personal and social development, physical development, cognitive development, and creative expression/aesthetic development. 

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All 30 performance standards are listed in the Flip Chart, with descriptions of the benchmarks and examples explaining what a child may do when performing at various levels.  

Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework Web-Based Software

Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework (CTPAF) Web-Based Software is for teachers and program directors who are using the CTPAF.  It is a web-based assessment recording system in which teachers can use the student data to target instruction related to specific standards and directors can use the data to plan for program improvement.

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The crosswalk of Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS) and CTPAF documents will allow programs currently using the CTPAF to continue using this assessment tool, while also using the CT ELDS to plan curriculum, learning experiences, teaching strategies and supports for children.

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