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New Health Insurance Collaborative Launches to Serve Small Districts & Towns


Northeastern Connecticut has a new employee health insurance collaborative, established to help smaller school districts and municipalities control their rising insurance costs. 

The Connecticut Collaborative Health Insurance Program (CT-CHIP) officially launched in July 2019 with nine members, representing 782 employees and their families (1,500 members, total).
CT-CHIP’s founding partners include the boards of education in Bolton, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Columbia and Thompson; and the municipalities of Bolton, Brooklyn, Columbia and Thompson. 

“The CT-CHIP collaborative is based on a fully insured, premium-based medical plan whose objective is to maximize members’ health insurance buying power,” said Kristin B. Heckt, who chairs the CT-CHIP executive board and represents Bolton Public Schools. Heckt is also Bolton’s superintendent of schools.

“By becoming part of a large health insurance collaborative, we reduce our administrative costs and derive greater control over our renewal rates,” Heckt said. CT-CHIP members also benefit from a health and wellness component.

“New, smaller towns and school districts are welcome to apply for CT-CHIP membership at any time,” said CT-CHIP Administrator Larisa Carr. She also administers the Eastern Connecticut Health Insurance Program (ECHIP), whose members are self-insured.

CT-CHIP was established as an alternative to ECHIP, the latter of which serves employees in larger Connecticut towns and districts. ECHIP members include EASTCONN, as well as the schools and municipalities of Tolland, Putnam, Plainfield and Coventry.

Both ECHIP and CT-CHIP were made possible after the State of Connecticut passed enabling legislation in 2010. 

EASTCONN’s Marketing and Communications staff worked with ECHIP and CT-CHIP staff to create marketing materials and build their respective web sites. EASTCONN hosts both websites, which are ADA compliant. 

To learn more, visit www.ct-chip.org, or contact CT-CHIP Administrator Larisa Carr at lcarr@ct-chip.org.