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EASTCONN & 10 Partner Schools Win 4 CSDE Interdistrict Grants

IMG 6601EASTCONN is pleased to announce that it is partnering this year with 9 northeastern Connecticut districts and Hartford
Public Schools to offer four new Interdistrict Grant programs. 

The year-long grants will serve 1,425 public school children from culturally and economically diverse backgrounds in Andover, Ashford, Brooklyn, Griswold, Hartford, Hebron, Killingly, Plainfield, Putnam and Windham. EASTCONN will coordinate and administer the grants, which are funded by the Connecticut State Department of
Education (CSDE). Only 15 Interdistrict Grants were awarded statewide this year. 

CSDE Interdistrict Grants are intended to connect children from different regions and backgrounds; to
increase their understanding and appreciation of diversity; and to provide them with engaging academic challenges.   

“We’re so pleased that the CSDE decided to fund these wonderful grants, which will connect so many students
with peers from different communities and life experiences,” said EASTCONN Interdistrict Grant Coordinator Esther Soffer-Roberts. 

The new grants include “America’s Mosaic,” serving 500 students in grades 7-8 from Brooklyn, Hartford, Plainfield, Putnam and Windham;  
“Forensic Detectives,” serving 425 6th-graders from Griswold, Hartford, Hebron, Putnam and Windham; “Mindful Transformations,” serving 425
4th-graders from Ashford, Hartford, Hebron, Putnam and Windham; and “Farming Our Land and Sea,” serving 500 students, grades 2-3 from
Andover, Hartford, Killingly, Plainfield and Windham.

Grants include face-to-face meetings, team-building activities and trips to schools or sites that are grant-related. 

The grants also allow teachers to work with their peers in other participating schools. 

Email Esther Soffer-Roberts at eroberts@eastconn.org.