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EASTCONN Woodstock Academy Partnership Invites Students to Attend ACT Part-Time

EASTCONN is pleased to announce that it has forged a new partnership with The Woodstock Academy that will allow its students to attend EASTCONN’s Arts at the Capitol Theater (ACT) magnet high school part-time. 

“We genuinely value the numerous partnerships we have with EASTCONN,” said Chris Sandford, the Head of Woodstock Academy, “and this new collaboration is creating a unique opportunity that will benefit students at both the Academy and ACT.”

The new collaboration will enable Woodstock Academy students to attend their school’s academic classes in the morning, and then travel each afternoon to ACT, where they can choose from dance and/or performing arts courses. 

ACT also offers majors in A/V, creative writing and technical theater.

Offering “intensive study in the studio and on the stage at the Capitol Theater,” Woodstock Academy is promoting the new opportunity as one that “can be customized around the goals of each student-performer.” 

ACT, which is NEASC-accredited, is located in the beautifully refurbished Art Deco-era Capitol Theater, 896 Main St., Willimantic. Small-group classes are taught by certified teachers and highly regarded arts professionals. Students perform regularly throughout the school year. Learn more: www.eastconn.org/act

“We are genuinely delighted at the prospect of our ACT students learning side-by-side with their peers from The Woodstock Academy,” said EASTCONN Executive Director Gary Mala. “We welcome Academy students’ participation in our small, arts-intensive magnet school, where students can pursue their passion for the arts in an enriching, supportive and engaging environment.”

 “I’m excited to see how this relationship will help expand our ability to bring arts education to a new population of students in our region,” said ACT Principal Sarah Mallory. “I also love thinking about the opportunities that may arise if we’re able to host some of Woodstock Academy’s international students, which would expand our students’ connections with artistic peers from countries and cultures around the world.” 

Contact Gary Mala at gmala@eastconn.org. Learn more about The Woodstock Academy at www.woodstockacademy.org.