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Technology Team Creates Data Management Solutions for Educators

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As the demand for high-quality, user-friendly education software continues to grow statewide, EASTCONN is responding with exciting new, web-based platforms that can help educators collect, manage and report a range of data. 

“EASTCONN is one of the few educational non-profits in the state with the education focus, technical background and staff capacity to create all-platform applications that educators need,” said Dr. Andrew DePalma, EASTCONN’s Director of Technology Solutions and the Applications and Product Development Team. 

“Our goal is to build new services that are responsive to the complex demands of today’s educators, from early childhood specialists to secondary-school teachers, special education providers,
administrators, and beyond.”

For example, EASTCONN Technology Solutions staff recently built an online delivery system for the Connecticut Documentation and Observations Teaching System (CT DOTS), a framework that gives early-care and education providers a simpler process for monitoring, sharing and reporting children’s developmental progress. 

Educators can easily access and use the CT DOTS platform from any device, including smart phones, iPads, laptops or desktops. EASTCONN also provides training and support for CT DOTS users.

EASTCONN developed and continues to manage the Connecticut’s Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) Collaborative, which supports the state’s beginning teachers. EASTCONN oversees the TEAM Collaborative portal in partnership with Connecticut’s RESC Alliance. 

“It’s a great example of a statewide RESC Alliance collaborative program,” said DePalma. More than 175 schools, both public and private, are currently using the TEAM Collaborative portal. 

Windham Public Schools recently asked EASTCONN to design and oversee its online lottery application system for students who want to enroll in two popular district schools. EASTCONN built and customized an online application portal for Windham, and agreed to oversee its student lotteries and results.

“Our software performs the lottery, generates the documents necessary to identify the children who were accepted, and provides the tools to manage the wait list,” said EASTCONN’s Kerin Griffin, who is working with Windham. 

EASTCONN also hosts student-lottery information sessions, supports users with technological issues, and provides translators for dual-language families. 

EASTCONN’s customized, in-house-designed online surveys have also proven to be useful to school districts. 

“We can take arbitrary data and automate the creation of documents ready for presentation, including formatted text
documents, spreadsheets, slide shows and more, thanks to our team’s deep knowledge of data-gathering tools and coding,” said DePalma. 

“Our surveys are able to provide approachable results for general consumption,” he said. About a dozen school districts use EASTCONN’s school climate survey software every year.

DePalma added that EASTCONN’s technology team is happy to discuss the creation of software to meet almost
any educational technology need.

“We have experience in application development, higher education, industry and in K-12 education. From customer support to professional development and programming, we’re ready to assist,” said DePalma. To learn more, contact Andrew DePalma at adepalma@eastconn.org.