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School Climate Survey

Screen Shot 2017 03 21 at 12.59.49 PMEASTCONN provides customizable parent, student and staff surveys based on the research of Education for the Future.*

In order to relieve school districts of the burden of setting up, analyzing and reporting the results of state-mandated Safe School Climate Surveys, EASTCONN’s Technology Solutions has streamlined an online survey tool that simplifies and speeds up the process.

Once the climate survey is complete, EASTCONN provides automated analysis, along with easy-to-understand graphs, which simplify districts’ task of sharing and using survey results. EASTCONN also prepares a report that charts the results, along with a basic set of statistics related to the raw data. 

"Questionnaires and surveys are an excellent way to access perceptions; they can be completed anonymously and re-administered to assess changes in perceptions overtime."Dr.Victoria Bernhardt
Services Include

  • Online setup and administration of surveys
  • Provision of template letters for each stakeholder group
  • Survey results in presentation-ready copy, with easy-to-use charts supported by summary statistics


Use of surveys allows districts to:

  • Understand how external and internal stakeholders perceive the effectiveness of their system
  • Analyze decisions using multiple measures that extend beyond assessment data
  • Plan for improvement based on the intersections of multiple data points
  • Monitor for change over time.

*Education for the Future is a non-profit initiative located at California State University that builds the capacity of learning organizations to gather, analyze, and use data to continuously improve teaching and learning.

Click here to view the School Climate Survey Flyer

For more information, please contact:

Linda Brock
Student Information Specialist

You may also fill out this Survey Request Form to arrange to use EASTCONN's School Climate Survey Services