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To The Community

Students who participate in community service discover that their actions can make a difference. This helps students better understand their own competence, leading to increased self-confidence and a can-do attitude that can spread to their academic pursuits.

Community Service Learning

Service Learning is a fundamental component of QMC’s curriculum that integrates classroom learning with real-world project planning and execution. Independently or in groups, students design projects to fulfill a community need at QMC, QVCC, in the town of Danielson or in other Connecticut towns. Service learning options change each semester based on student and staff interest.

This school year, the following groups exist: Unified Activities, Music Makers, Multi-Cultural Awareness Group, Animal Shelter, Nature Trail, Video, Teen Outreach Program (TOPS), Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Yearbook and academic support. Through these service-learning groups, students get the opportunity to take field trips and participate in activities outside of the school.

Past service learning projects have included a bullying awareness campaign, organization of talent shows and coffee house performances, and trail clean up around the school.

TOPS Thanksgiving Dinner
TOPS Thanksgiving Dinner
TOPS organized a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with over 200 people in attendance. Kevin Hurley, along with his Music Makers, provided dinner music for the evening. The QMC community came together to share a delicious meal, wonderful music and lovely raffle gifts.

Senior Capstones

The purpose of the Senior Capstone at QMC is to engage each student in a personalized learning experience that exemplifies the skills and knowledge they have acquired at QMC. The project allows students the opportunity to investigate a specialized area of interest, apply their understanding to a project and demonstrate the final product to their community.

Seniors have the assistance of a faculty advisor to guide them through the project process, and an adult mentor with specific knowledge of the area the student has chosen to explore.

Some examples of Senior Capstones:

Recruitment Videos
Homelessness Awareness and Fundraising
Car safety
Cerebral Palsy Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Sport Event
Animal Rights
Hops with Cops
Animal Shelter Fundraising
Habitat for Humanity

Tape a Teacher to the Wall Capstone
Tape a Teacher to the Wall Capstone
At this fundraiser, individuals purchased pieces of duct tape to adhere members of the QMC staff to the wall. Funds from this event went towards attendance at the True Colors Conference, which was held at the University of Connecticut.

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