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QMC Alumni Spotlight

Alumni speaks to current studentsphoto of alumni

QMC’s Investigations in Health Care Careers class considered a future in dental health as they listened to guest speaker, 2015 QMC graduate Juan Pena, share his experiences as a dental assistant and dental office manager.

Juan graduated from QMC with a desire to become a dentist. An intensive 9-month dental assistant program at Windham Technical High School, led to employment at a dental office in June 2016. Juan quickly rose through the ranks and became office manager in January 2017.

“I came to QMC with a goal – to graduate and become someone,” said Juan as he addressed the Health Care Career class. “I like who I am now because I work hard. Hard work pays off.”

Juan holds certifications in CPR, nitrous oxide, infection control, chairside, CNA and radiology. He is currently pursuing a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in a physician’s assistant program through Springfield College. Ultimately, he plans to work in pediatrics.

He spoke with students about the technical, managerial and legal aspects of work in a dental office. He also detailed the required course work for his current physician’s assistant program of study. Above all, Juan relayed the importance of time management and determination in being successful after high school.

His advice to current students: “Make the right steps in high school now so you will continue to make the right steps in college and work…I wish I had come to QMC sooner in my high school career. QMC students have a lot of freedom and support in this school to become who they want to become…take advantage of it.



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