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Knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) equips students with the critical thinking skills needed to solve tough, real-world challenges. Through a STEM education, students can gain tools to gather and evaluate evidence, and develop confidence as they make sense of information and acquire a deeper understanding of the world around them. QMC believes strongly in integrating STEM concepts throughout our curriculum; the “vehicle” for this being through EASTCONN’s Mobile STEM Laboratory.

STEM classes at QMC are held on the EASTCONN Mobile STEM Lab. Teachers implement a fully vetted, rigorous curriculum on the Lab that involves the study of ecology, biology, chemistry and basic physics as detailed by the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards. The following are some ways QMC has used the EASTCONN Mobile STEM Lab:

  • Students in the Investigations in Health Careers classes explore healthy eating and physical fitness using the STEM lab and its equipment
  • Students in Biology classes study waste treatment by visiting a local water treatment facility and testing the water that was reintroduced into the ecosystem.
  • Students in Integrated Science have used the lab multiple times to study environmental phenomena and local ecosystems.

Biology Class

Integrated Science Class

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