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TEAM Collaborative

The RESC Alliance is committed to sustaining and supporting the value of teacher induction that is the essence of the TEAM process. Due to the fiscal reductions within the recently approved state budget, the CSDE communicated changes in funding for the TEAM program and the subsequent elimination of certain requirements.

Although all of the details have not been fully clarified and are still evolving, EASTCONN and the RESC Alliance are creating a Collaborative to support and continue the current Beginning Teacher/Mentorship framework that you know as TEAM. By participating, Licensed Educational Agencies can preserve their current professional development investment and beginning teacher process. 

On December 11, 2017, EASTCONN met with TEAM representatives from districts across the region to discuss details related to the Collaborative. Listed below are the documents distributed at that meeting with information about the Collaborative.

We will continue to update this webpage as new information becomes available. Please contact Scott Nierendorf, Director of Teaching and Learning, at 860-455-1621 or snierendorf@eastconn.org with questions.

TEAM Collaborative Documents

RESC Alliance Memo to District Facilitators Summarizing TEAM Changes and Options

Proposal for New TEAM Collaborative

Benefits of Using the TEAM Dashboard by Participant Role

How to Fulfill TEAM Statutory Requirements: Collaborative Member vs. Non-Collaborative


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Connecticut's RESC Alliance

CT RESC Map with Towns 2017smaller

Public, non-profit Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) were created more than 50 years ago by the Connecticut Legislature (General Statute 10-66a) to help public school districts and their communities obtain high-quality, cost-effective education services and programs. Each of the state’s six RESCs served – and continue to serve -- a specific region of the state. EASTCONN, for example, was established to serve the 33 towns and 36 schools districts across northeastern Connecticut. In the early 1990s, however, as schools and communities increasingly turned to their local RESCs for education-related assistance and savings, RESCs realized they needed to work together to foster their collective efficacy, and amplify their public-education advocacy efforts at the state Legislature. The RESC Alliance was born. The Alliance was also formed to improve inter-RESC communication and collaboration with the express purpose of providing public schools and their communities with improved access to an ever-expanding list of educational opportunities, services and programs. Over the decades, RESCs have collectively saved public schools and communities millions of education dollars. Today, RESCs continue to offer savings across a vast array of regional and education-related services and programs that their member districts and could not otherwise afford on their own. Access to the benefits available through one RESC means access to the benefits offered by all RESCs through Connecticut’s RESC Alliance.

The RESC Alliance includes ACES, CES, CREC, EASTCONN, EdAdvance and LEARN . 

Each RESC is:

  • Locally governed by the region's member boards of education
  • A public, non-profit agency
  • Cost-effective in delivering programs and services to school districts
  • Committed to helping local, public school districts improve teaching and learning
  • Responsive to local needs and interdistrict opportunities
  • Flexible in creating and adapting education programs to local needs

The RESC Alliance works with many private, public, regional, state and national partners to improve educational opportunities for Connecticut residents of all ages. Among those partners are the Connecticut departments of Children & Families, Office of Early Childhood, Corrections, Education, Mental Health & Addiction Services, Developmental Services, Public Health, Social Services, as well as Boards of Education, Workforce Boards, and others. The RESC Alliance develops programs and services that respond to statewide education issues, including projects such as technology training, beginning teacher training and support, literacy, and much more. RESCs are also instrumental in obtaining federal grants and funding for their region’s public schools and communities. RESCs keep districts abreast of new education mandates and best practices through:

  • Cost-effective and competent management
  • High-value programs and services at reasonable cost
  • Free regional groups and councils
  • Dependable systems for delivering education programs and services
  • Strong communications networks with local school systems and communties
  • Successful implementation of legislatively assigned tasks

EASTCONN’s divisions include Adult and Community Programs; Early Childhood Initiatives; K-12 Student Services; Organizational Support; Teaching and Learning; and Technology Solutions. EASTCONN’s divisions include Adult and Community Programs; Early Childhood Initiatives; K-12 Student Services; Organizational Support; Teaching and Learning; and Technology Solutions. 

To learn more, contact EASTCONN’s Marketing and Communications Department at 860-455-0707.


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