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QMC Frequently Asked Questions

QMC does not have an athletic program.  If you wish to play sports while a student at QMC, you would play for your sending school.  If your sending school does not have a sports program, you can access interscholastic sports through Ellis Technical High School, which is located a half-mile from our campus. QMC does have a fully equipped fitness center and gymnasium for student use.

QMC has a full school lunch (and breakfast) program for all students.  Students who are eligible for free and reduced school lunches are treated to a delicious option each day.  In addition, since QMC is on the campus of a community college, the cafeteria, Food for Thought, offers la carte options at very reasonable prices. 

QMC has an amazing library that is shared with Quinebaug Valley Community College.  The library is fully equipped with computers, state-of-the-art technology, and resources to support student research.

QMC’s music program includes chorus and a service-learning group called “Music Makers” that performs during Coffeehouses and other community events. Students interested in pursuing music are welcome to bring their instrument to school and explore how it can become part of this ensemble. However, QMC does not have traditional music offerings, such as a band or orchestra. 


QMC can enroll up to 180 students.  Typically, we have 175 students enrolled each year.  Class sizes are quite small when compared to a traditional high school with numbers averaging between 12-16 students per class.

The application to attend QMC is found on the website under the “Admissions” tab.  Students should print out the application, as it is not an electronic submission.  Please note: the application has two sides. The second side asks for a student essay, transcripts of grades, discipline records, attendance records, teacher recommendations and medical information (see above).  Applications are due by February 28th. Admission is done through a lottery system. Once a student is notified of their acceptance, they will schedule a time to visit the school and meet with the administration.  If you are accepted and have an IEP or a 504 plan, the support team at QMC will need to meet with your sending school to ensure that your educational needs can be met and that your plan can be followed with the resources QMC has available. 

Students are bused from sending districts/towns along with students who attend Ellis Technical High School, which is located a half mile from our campus.

Yes, QMC accepts students after they have started their high school experience elsewhere.  The application is the same for students who have started at another high school.  Once all of your paperwork is complete, your application will be considered for the following semester.  A meeting with the student and our guidance department are important to ascertain the number of credits you are carrying with you, and the number of credits you will need to earn at QMC to graduate.

Yes, QMC employs a full-time school nurse.  Medical forms and immunization records are required when registering to attend.


The school day begins at 7:20 a.m. and dismisses at 1:55 p.m. Students start the day with advisory class, which is similar to homeroom, and then move onto class blocks that are 75 minutes in length. This schedule allows students to easily access the Quinebaug Valley Community College daytime courses.  Lunch is 40 minutes long. Fridays are slightly different as they include a Town Meeting, and Service Learning block at the end of the school day.  Classes are shortened from 75 minutes to 40 minutes on Fridays.

QMC is a high school option available to all Connecticut high school students. In order to attend QMC, you must be a resident of a Connecticut town and registered as a student in that town. A number of member districts (partners) have agreed to provide a limited number of seats for the students in their town to attend QMC. QMC's member districts (partners) are: Brooklyn, Killingly, Plainfield, Windham, Woodstock, Pomfret, Putnam, Voluntown, Franklin, Thompson, and Eastford. 

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