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Aligning K-12 State Policies with Competency Education from Competency Works

Make it Personal a resource from CAPSS Educational Transformation Project

Policy Resource Page from Students at the Center

A Policy Playbook for Personalized Learning: Ideas for State and Local Policymakers from Bellwether Education Partners

Competency Education Series: Policy Brief One from KnowledgeWorks

Competency Education Series: Policy Brief Two from KnowledgeWorks

A Federal K-12 Policy Framework for Compentency Education: Building Capacity for Systems Change from KnowledgeWorks

Proficiency-Based Learning: State and Local Policies from Great Schools Partnership

Student Centered Learning Research

SCL Research Pulse from Nellie Mae In this research from the FrameWorks Institute, explanatory metaphors help explain the concepts of skills and learning - specifically, what skills students need to succeed in the 21st-century economy, how these skills are learned, and how cognitive and emotional learning skills are related.

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