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The CEL Model for Leader-Centered Professional Learning

The EASTCONN Center for Educational Leadership offers educators multiple Communities of Practice, cohorts, coaching and customized learning opportunities that examine the nature of leadership in today's world. Through research-based professional learning experiences, the Center supports district leaders as they consider and analyze a range of leadership options, actions and instructional methods. Administrators and other district leaders benefit from interactive, experiential activities that are dedicated to evidence-based practices and personal reflection.

Benefits: The Center for Educational Leadership will allow participants to be active learners with considerable time being dedicated to evidence-based leadership practices and personal reflection. Participants will be offered a variety of learning experiences such as: Webinars and online conference sessions; on-site professional learning experiences; professional learning communities for leaders; and professional learning experiences that will engage them in reflective practice.


The CEL's Leader- Centered Professional Learning Models

  • On-site coaching and mentoring for administrators
  • Professional learning community protocols, processes, and facilitation
  • Facilitated in-district administrator meetings
  • Initial proficiency for teacher evaluation and Administrator Calibration



Diane Dugas, Director, Center for Educational Leadership